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[REPORTED]The trim does not work in flight.

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Edit: Nevermind. I'm stupid.


Edit2: Nevermind. I'm not stupid. FFB only works from time to time.

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Thanks for replying.

Yeah I've got the G940 as I wrote before and I dont get FFB to work.

As your bug applies to FFB sticks, it is very different to the bug this thread is about (none FFB sticks lost none FFB trim if a FFB device was plugged in i.e. a joypad with vibration, etc.).


It is therefore important you create your own bug report/thread so it can be tracked separately (otherwise it's likely to be lost in an issue that's been resolved by the latest patch).

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It is indeed. Thrustmaster Warthog and G27 plugged in with the trim working like a charm.


Thanks ED! :D

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This is still broken after the last update for G940. I deleted all my devices, software and registry keys for the change that I made to get trim to actually work. So on a clean install of my G940 with the recent update it is still not working. Virtual hat switch in cockpit moves but I get no physical trim in game.


So now I'm back to using the hack again.

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