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Check score and add/remove from it

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I'm working on a race that has multiple sections. In some sections I want the racers to have to destroy some targets before continueing. I want to check that their score shows that they've killed the required amount of things before they can move on. My though was to have a trigger after the target area that if they didn't get enough kills, they have to go back. If they still refuse and move to the next objective, it'll blow their aircraft up.


So is there a way to check the score of a aircraft/player? Ideally there will only be 5-6 aircraft to fly so if checking individually it shouldn't be too hard.


Also, is there a way to add/remove score to players? I want to add score for successful CSAR missions in my other map.

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The built-in scoring mechanisms only apply to the player (OFFLINE) or to coalitions (BLUE/RED, for multiplayer).


I don't think there's any way to access individual player scores from the triggers or scripting interfaces. You could probably use SLmod or similar, if you're comfortable requiring server-side support.


If it's a group exercise (i.e. the group of players needs to destroy a certain number of targets, not each individual player) then it'd be fairly easy to do within the trigger system.


Since you described it as a race, it sounds like you need individual player scores, so that means you'll probably be looking at writing an event handler that tracks kills for individual players. It'll get a bit fiddly but should be doable if you're familiar with the Lua scripting system, or willing to spend some time learning it.

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You can't hack into the in-game scoreboard (default key: ' ), but you can use FLAG values to memorize own scoring system outside default scoreboard.

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