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Dear DCS community,


A new and extensive video has been made in the MOOSE youtube channel that explains the DCS object wrapper classes GROUP, UNIT, CLIENT within the MOOSE framework and the DATABASE class and _DATABASE object.





The total duration of the video is 1 hour and 24 minutes, but i really advise you to view the video as it contains an in-depth explanation of some of the mechanisms within MOOSE and what the advantages are of the wrapper classes.

The video walks you through a presentation that explains the wrapper classes and the _DATABASE object. Then the largest part is about a live demonstration using the DCS World mission editor how a simple mission is built using the MOOSE framework, using these wrapper classes.


So, if you're interested, have a look. I've spent a lot of time making this video.


The documentation of GROUP, CLIENT and UNIT has been updated and is available at the MOOSE website.


Hope you enjoy the video and more, enjoy playing around with MOOSE as a tool.


What is now really urgent to do, is to explain how to load moose within your mission, which will be a short video that i can make the coming days.


kind regards,




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