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Open Beta clients joining Stable Release server - issue

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Flight Servers Admins,


Have you noticed desyncs and issues when Open Beta clients join Stable Release server? I think, because I believe I have.

I have no clue why ED allows Open Beta to share the same lobby with Stable Release?




Is there any way to prevent Open Beta clients from joining Stable Release then via integrity check?

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We're not seeing any trouble on the VA. I myself have been running the openbeta for a while now, connecting to the server which is running on the stable branch.

Apart from the usual lag/desync issues there shouldn't be any trouble.


As far as I know they're able to connect since the network procotol hasn't changed between the versions - I might be wrong though.

If that's the case an open beta player on a stable server should (anything can happen..) not cause any trouble.


Currently there is no way to prevent this, perhaps the coming integrity check will handle it, if even intended.

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