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A-1H Skyraider


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This one is dated 30 April 1971 : http://www.flight-manuals.com/1a-1e-1.html




TO note that ones specifical says its a USAF manuals, Despite the earlier date the one i had were US navy NATOPS. But I am Just thinking out load here. NOt a problem as Both Services used the A1's during Nam with the USAF having pulled A1's out of US navy Surplus, i am just hoping it will have Carrier capability ( Tailhook was still retained IRRC in USAF version anyways )and a US navy skin.


But thanks for sharing, Seems just what i was looking for.

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Airforce F-4s weren't carrier capable.




AirForce had a Specialized version, not the same as the USMC/USN

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The US Air Force F-4's were built by McDonald Douglas specifically for the Air Force. The A-1's that the Air Force flew in Vietnam were US Navy/US Marine Corps air frames plucked out of the boneyard and given a new paint job and maybe some new/different radios and put to work. They would have operated from the boat just as well as they did from Tan Son Nhut or Da Nang. :pilotfly:


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I am into DCS for a couple of years, but feeling absolutelly stupid that there are some nice MODs going on outside of the licensed 3rd party developpers that I was not aware of!


Got to this post after a brief discussion at the Razbam Forum and am both excited that the A-1 is being developed but also frustrated that the last update was back in 2016.. is the project dead or just "on hold"?

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Alright, the A-1H is long due an update.


As you may know, I had to put this project on hold for a while as I didn't have enough time anymore to dedicate to both the A-1H and the A-4E comunity mod.


Now that the A-4E is close to release (the closest is has ever been!), there's the matter of the Skyraider project.


I recently went through a big career change, and will be starting flight school in a couple of weeks. Meaning that I won't have time to dedicate to the Spad, and this project will have to be shelved for at least a couple of years, probably more.


I am as disappointed as any of you (maybe not as much as Razor, I know how much you wanted it to be real, sorry buddy!) to not be able to see it come to fruition, but I just won't have the time for it.


Still, all hope isn't lost. Maybe ED will make good use of the piston engine simulation created for the Yak 52 and turn their attention to the Spad in a not so far future? Maybe the great fellows at Heatblur will want to expand their Navy aircrafts catalogue even more and will be the ones to claim it?

I'm sure that sooner or later, we'll finally be able to experience the Skyraider in DCS, we'll just have to be patient :)

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Archimaede, disapointing news indeed, but it's a fair price to pay knowing that you'll be going through flight school. Good luck my friend and enjoy the ride. As a very old and not so bold pilot, I'd like to give you one thing to store in your memory banks for the future, "It only takes about 50 or 60 hours to teach someone to fly, but it can take a life time to teach them WHEN to fly" :pilotfly:


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Thank you very much for your help with the A-4 project. It´s really something amazing how the team put it through only for the sake of contributing for the comunitty.

I Hope your example inspire more projects with this level of quality. I am myself a Design Engineer for the Automotive industry and am considering to learn how to create 3D models for DCS.


It´s terrible to know that the A-1, a badass looking aircraft that would be a really nice asset to the DCS. I hope that this does not throw the project away, and you or someone else would take the mission over.



Thank you and good luck in the new challenges.:thumbup:

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BUMMER! I only just became aware of this project...now over a year on long-term, indefinite-sounding hold. :( Like...I don't ever expect to see it. I would have paid $60+ for this plane...hint, hint, ED and other 3rd parties!!


Skyraiders typically carried 4 times the ordnance load of F4U-4 Corsairs or P-51D's, BTW.

A-1H Skyraiders actually shot down 2 MiG-17's over Vietnam in 1965 & 66...in the right situations, I suppose. MiG-17's shot down plenty of F-4 Phantoms and such, though.


AD-1 = (A-1A)

AD-1Q (2-seat, radar countermeasures)

AD-2 = (A-1B)

AD-2Q (2-seat)

AD-3 = (A-1C)

AD-3N (3-seat, night attack)

AD-3Q (2-seat)

AD-3W (3-seat, airborne early-warning, belly radome)

AD-4 = (A-1D) - now with autopilot

AD-4B (1-seat, now four 20mm cannon and ability to carry tactical nukes)

AD-4N (3-seat)

AD-4Q (2-seat)

AD-4W (3-seat, belly radome)

---all aircraft AD-1 thru AD-4 were out of service before 1962, when AD-5 and later versions were renamed to various A-1 Skyraiders ----

AD-5 = A-1E (the big-cockpit Skyraiders -- originally to have been for anti-submarine)

--- A-1E's came with conversion kits to allow them to be 12-seat transports, cargo or air ambulance.

AD-5N = A-1G

AD-5Q = EA-1F (were from 54 modified AD-5N's)

AD-5W = EA-1E (with belly radome)

AD-6 = A-1H (1-seat, was an AD-4B with LABS and jettisonable canopy, plus new bomb racks).

AD-7 = A-1J (1-seat, AD-6 with more powerful R-3350-26WB engine and stronger gear -- final version)


Seems like when whoever makes the A-1H, they might as well concurrently make the AD-4B for Korean era and the A-1E to go with the A-1H for Vietnam era. A-1E would be an extensively different plane, though. And if an A-1E, might as well make at least an EA-1E as an AI version for Airborne Early Warning and Control.

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