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Violent Gentlemen Game Community Recruiting!

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We are a group aimed at creating a fun and safe gaming environment for gamers of all types. We play a multitude of games, from DCS, first person shooters, MMO's, survival, you name, we most likely have members who play it! Our goal is to grow into an influential group across the entire gaming universe and we would love for you to join and help us achieve our goal. Our group runs a fair play, fair advancement policy. If there is a game you would like to see played by us, run it by our administration and if you feel like you can handle it, we will give you all the resources you need to make it function. So, after reading all of this and you feel like this group is for you, come join our Teamspeak and get involved today!




- isaf.ts.nfoservers.com



- http://violentgentlemengaming.enjin.com/home


*Feel Free to PM me or reply to this post, I'll happily answer any questions!

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