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Second graphics card or more ram?

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For weeks I'm thinking about to update my pc a little notch. I'm on an

Intel I7-4790K @ 4.00GHz

Corsair DDR3 16GB 1600-10 ram

MSI GTX960 4GB Gaming

and use a 500GB SSD where my Windows 10 and DCS are on.


DCS 1.5 runs fine but sometimes, the fps drop, specially when recording footage with Fraps or OBS. To even that out, would it be smarter to get more ram or a second graphics card to have more GPU power?

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Or wait half an year to allow next gen to come.... it is expected a big step forward in performance wise.

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I agree with the others, neither your ram (16GB) or SLI (GTX 960) would be a good upgrade IMHO.


I would sell your current card, use that towards a better card.


Also I noticed you have your I7 4790K @ 4.00GHz. I think you have a little more overclocking headroom to get the most power out of your system and for free.


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