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How are US customers buying from the DCS store??


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My bank will not allow me to use my debit card for overseas purchases. I tried to buy the NTTR map for DCS 2.0 and it actually froze my card until I verified it wasn't stolen. When I talked to my bank they said I can't purchase from this website bc the payment goes outside of the USA.


How do US based customers buy from DCS? I'd wager I'm not the only 1 in this position.


I've been playing DCS 1.5 and buying modules through Steam.....but I'd like to start taking advantage of the deals DCS puts on their store that you can't get through Steam. Not to mention Steam isn't offering DCS 2.0 modules right now. Only way you can get them is through the DCS online store.

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Usually I pay with Paypal.

Open an account on paypal, link & verify your debit card and buy.


Go on this page:


choose Signup for a Paypal personal account



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Yep, PayPal working just fine.

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Might wait awhile and retry again through a actual paypal account. Already tried paying through PayPal as a guest and I don't want to have to explain to my bank why I tried to make the same transaction again (if it freezes my card again).

Either that or just delete DCS 2.0 and wait until it's released on Steam along with the NTTR Theatre.

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Don't use your debit card online. It generally does not have the same protections against loss and fraudulent charges that credit cards do.

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Paypal is also my preference.

If not then a Credit card is much better than a debit card.

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Paypal as much as possible, Even though I'm not in the US...

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