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Some bad news, depending on which side you´re on..


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As many of you are aware, i started a Harrier poll trying to decipher what the community was after "harrier wise", not surprisingly the Gr7/GR9 version was the absolute winner.

BUT, we stumbled into a brick wall, a wall that might put the Gr7/Gr9 at least 2 years behind..and that is weapons systems.

As you may know, the British version of the Harriers used a set of recce/targeting pods that are not available in the sim, being these the DJRP, Sniper and TIALD (which most if not all of it´s operational manuals are still classified). Not to mention also a pod carrying countermeasures in one of the 3 belly stations. Implementation of these pods could take us longer than expected, and i would really like to get a Harrier beta this year (fingers crossed).

I just wanted to be honest with you, no BS statements will come from us, this is the current situation and i put it out as it is.

So..as our 1st Harrier pack, we are going to create the AV-8B Night Attack version, this will allow us enough time to create the other system pods as we can get info on them and implement them in the sim.

So the road map would be AV-8B Night Attack followed by the GR7/GR9 versions and hopefully the AV-8B Harrier II Plus after at the end.

Best regards


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Fair enough, and very valid reasoning. Personally I did not care that much about which one it would be, only slightly was more interested in a British one since there are few British aircraft in sim and many American ones (and no, I'm not British).


Can't say no to a 25mm gatling :).


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Happy with any Harrier :)

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Not too bothered what versions come out first.


Good luck with getting more info for the British Harrier..

General 3D modeling thread and reference sites

UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.

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Thanks for the up front news, I for one would like to see a GR version the most and so would pay extra for the later version to ensure continued development.


Keep up the good work!

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Not a problem for me either.


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Guys, no need to feel bad about this. Any Harrier will do.


Actually its the same like you would say: "Hey guys, do you remember like we said that we will give you the Aston Martin V12? Well it will be only the V8. :("


Hell we are still getting Aston Martin (Harrier) anyway so who would complain right? :D

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