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Comparing FC3 planes


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So in DCS, assuming all things are equal, which plane would win more often?

F-15c, SU-27 or Mig-29?


I'm talking two planes that are heading towards each other.


When I play online I tend to get smashed by...most people really....but more so by the Su-27 who seem to do a better job staying off my radar



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Depends on a whole pile of different factors, but as a gross generalisation:


BVR fight: F-15C dominates.

WVR fight: Su-27 dominates.


The MiG-29 as modelled is even more dedicated to the WVR fight but I'm not sure it's WVR advantage over the Su-27 is sufficient to counter its other deficiencies such as a comparatively tiny fuel load and small weapons load. The MiG certainly has its adherents though and can spell doom for anything that tries to dogfight it.


Ultimately pilot skill is by far the most important factor in determining the outcome of a battle.


Edited to add: the reason you might be seeing Flankers trying to stay off your radar is precisely because of how fearsomely effective the Eagle is at BVR combat: this encourages a large proportion of Flanker and Fulcrum drivers to hide in the terrain in the hope of ambushing unaware Eagle drivers, i.e. to force a WVR engagement where they have a distinct advantage.

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