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Black MFDS in A10C Helios profile after 1.5.2 public version update


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Please disregard this post, I have sorted out my problem and have the MFDs displaying again.


Since the last update I have noticed that my A10C MFDs have gone blank on my touchscreen, which is running the Loz Helios profile which I set up following the guide by DerekM. It has run for several years with no problems and had no issues with this after the first public release for 1.5 but only after the 1.5.2 update.

I made sure I disabled my modded files for my touchscreen in JSGME first and then updated DCS. I still have to confirm if it affects my RWR etc but want to check if anyone else has this problem or if it is just me. The only other thing I did was to install in JSGME the Huey, P51D and Dora engine sounds by Diveplane for 1.5 (After updating to 1.5.2) and wouldn’t think that this would cause the problem as I still had no MFDs after disabling those sound mods in JSGME. Could anyone please tell me if there has been any changes in the last update that could cause these problems or if this type of problem could be somehow caused by my sound mods that I installed? Those mods did alter a 'sound.lua' file, as well as other files.

I run a PC that should handle DCS 1.5 /2 well, with an Asus GTX970 4GB GPU, 16GB RAM and an i7 processor so don’t think that it would be caused by insufficient power from my PC. Could anyone please give me any advice that could help me to fix this problem?I gave the Schkval viewport in my Ka50 Helios profile by Cap Zeen a quick check and it was not blank, if that helps. Also, I backed up my entire DCS World root folder before installing the mods, so I have that if I need it.

Any advice is very much appreciated,


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Have sorted out problem
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