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Croatia - NATO livery promotional video


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Bloody hell is that a real world video ? or DCS I am stunned.


I am lucky to have the Mig21bis with the IAF livery which is available on Virtual-aerobatics server. Waiting for more servers to have it.


The more the merrier.

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Attitude Power Trim Power Attitude Trim


Wing Commander SWAC

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Very nice guys!! Thank you!

Win 8.1, I7 4770K 4.5ghz watercooled, 240gb SSD in Raid 0, 16GB DDR3-2400, EVGA GTX780 watercooled, LG 29EA73-P (2560x1080)

Cobra M5 *modded by BRD*, CH Pro Throttle, Pro Combat Pedals, TrackIR5 Pro + Delanclip, Bose QC 15, TM Cougar MFD's

300/30 mbps

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