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Enhanced VTB mod

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Precisely the reason why I stopped using the mods, no IFF.

Sedenion, it would be greatly appreciated if you find the time to update them, I was especially fond of the VTH one, made things easier to read and less cluttered.


Thanks in advance, and don't listen to the naysayers, no one is forcing them to use your great mods :thumbup:


"DCS World is the main public build, it has nothing to do with being stable" -Bignewy

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Hi guys


I slowly come back to the Mirage 2000 case... i watched new lua files to see if an adaptation, and it seem adapting this mod to the new version will not be so hard (the main lua structure is the same)... BUT... before i spend time to a new version of this mod, i want to be sure that:


1 - RAZBAM definitely decided they don't will enhance the VTB by himself in the future (keeping old textures, etc).

2 - There will not be another "update" in the next 2 weeks that will anihilates my efforts...


So, i indirectly ask RAZBAM in fact :) ( if RAZBAM want some help, in the very improbable case they decided to embedd this mod in a future official release, i'am here, and i don't ask for money nor credits )


RAZBAM ??? An answer ?

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