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Heavy Aviation Mod

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Hi guys. These mods make flyable some heavy Rus jets, like Tu-22M3, Il-78, Yak-40, Antonov and many others. Control is being done inside the native cabin of each craft, however - being based on low-res regular model for outside view - has simplified textures (especially Su-34) and has no gauges. But, HUD and tv screen for ground attack are avaiable.


In addition to that, a number of trucks became controllable like Zil-131, Kamaz and others.


And, you can also have a "officer's cam" not only at aircraft carriers, but at hi-res model ships like Tiganderoga, Oliver Perry, Moskva and others (with padlock available).

Purchase of FC3 and CA (for trucks) is mandatory.


Video below demonstrate all this stuff in action.







Page with all mentioned mods listed

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Any chance of an English tranlsation of the download page?

My Russian is non existent.

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And lo, Reverend Vegas did say "Take forth unto the infidel the mighty GAU 8 and expend its holy 30MM so that freedom will be brung upon them who knoweth not the joys of BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT"



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Great mod!

Thank you!

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I've seen a pic of a Mi-24 Hind cockpit, can you please explain what is that? Is a flyable mod with a Hind interior?



No, this is just camera mod for F4 view. Helicopters are not unlocked so far, as their mechanics is based on Ka-50 or Mi-8 which is more difficult, rather than FC3 crafts.

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