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F-5E: Swiss Air Force

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Hello HundertDampf and Tango,


Thanks a lot for the good infos and beautiful pictures!

(Tango where did you find them?)


I worked on it this afternoon and the skin is still in WIP...

(I see now, there is still a lot of work!) :D


If you have any comments, do not hesitate to let me know...




Greetings and good flight! :)





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After the loss of our friend Kizir_77 (RIP buddy) I will continue the work on our Swiss Air Force F-5E Tiger skins.


My bucket list

  • Skins in 4K instead of 2K
  • Difference between the early scheme (1976 to ~1998 ) and the later scheme (~1998 - current)
  • Custom weapon and fuel tank skins per skin


The early paint scheme was similar to the USAF F-15’s of the time. The original colors are F9453 Medium Grey and F9452 Light Grey, produced by the company Walter Mäder AG in Switzerland. With the introduction of the F/A18 Hornet in 1998, the colors were harmonized with FS 36320 Dark Ghost Grey and FS 36375 Light Ghost Grey.


Attached you'll find a WIP of two brand new 4K skins. The plane in front is the current scheme, while the plane in the back is the early scheme.



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Top notch work! Can't wait to have them :thumbup:


Thanks :thumbup:


In the meantime I finished the custom AIM-9B missile so it can show the early swiss CATM-9 colors together with J-3001 from 1979. It was one of Northrop built Tigers for Switzerland.




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How are the skins coming along?


Also..do you plan on doing the yellow edge on the canopy frames as per photo?


They are coming along good but I have to finish the whole pack before releasing it. Otherwise some skins will look very bad because they are cross-linked.


Unfortunately I don't find a close up shot of the canopy frame.

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Current progress of the next update:


Custom weapons

  • AIM-9P5 TO DO, NEW


Early scheme (1976 to ~1998 )

  • CH J-3001 FlSt 18 1979 FINISHED, NEW
  • CH J-3001 Variante 1986 TO DO
  • CH J-3025 FINISHED
  • CH J-3026 FINISHED
  • CH J-3098 FINISHED
  • CH Swiss Generic Early FINISHED, NEW


Early scheme (1976 to ~1998 ) - Red Air Mission

  • CH J-3022 FlSt 11_19 1989 Red Air FINISHED, NEW


Late scheme (~1998 - current)

  • CH J-3001 Variante 1996 TO DO
  • CH J-3001 Variante 2000 TO DO
  • CH J-3008 FINISHED
  • CH J-3033_2017 TO DO
  • CH J-3036 2017 TO DO
  • CH J-3037 FlSt 13 2005 FINISHED, NEW
  • CH J-3038 TO DO
  • CH J-3073 2017 TO DO
  • CH J-3074 TO DO
  • CH J-3079 TO DO
  • CH Swiss Generic FINISHED


Late scheme (~1998 - current) - Red Air Mission

  • CH J-3036 TO DO

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