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Any model in particular you may be interested?

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As always we try to give you what best interests the community as a whole, so my question would be what model would you be pleased in seeing done. We have trainers, fighters, bombers, etc. One model that I was working on is the A/T-6 Texan II and started a detailed/accurate F-117 but no decision has been made. You can let us know by expressing it right here on this thread. Thank you!

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Tornado or Aardvark for me

See, decide, attack, reverse -- Colonel Erich "Bubi" Hartmann


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I'll stick to single seaters in my suggestions, here's 5 in no particular order.


F-100D, SF2 gave me an appreciation for this bird, and I'd love to see it in DCS, there was a model knocking around a while ago that had gotten quite far, but personal issues apparently ended the project :(


MiG-17 A surprise adversary that proved to be far deadlier than it had any right to be in the Vietnam war and a good fit for a lot of the oncoming Vietnam era aircraft.


A-4M or K, yes, licensing this bird is apparently a bitch, but i still want it!


Sepecat Jaguar, it doesn't seem to get much attention but it's one of those planes I've always felt was pretty cool. That and overwing sidewinder pylons.


MiG-19, the first supersonic MiG, it's got some fascinating design characteristics.

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Welcome Jose!


Hello Jose,


Your T-6 would be very welcome, as would an A-6E. In fact any of Razbam's library would be very welcome additions. As the Tomcat and F-5 are both on their way, an A-4F/TA-4 would be spectacular. Then of course the elephant for any DCS Wishlist is an F-16 of course.


Thanks for taking the time to ask. Sincerely, -Woog


P.S. I had to add this Edit: An OV-10A/D Bronco would be absolutely awesome, especially once we get a Euro or Vietnam map!

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1. F-16C

2. F-15E

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joanvalley are you in anyway related with RAZBAM or you are just fishing?


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Mirage 2000D. We need to pound the ground as well as clear the sky's with the C

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