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Missing / Hidden In Cockpit Controls?


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Where are some of the controls that can only be accessed via keyboard shortcut in the training?


For example to unlock the throttle was a key command (if I remember it was RALT+L)

Another one is the radiator flaps (LALT+W)


How are those actually accessed in the plane? Are there any others like this?

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Cowl flaps (radiator flaps)

Radiator Flaps - ED Forums

[Left Ctrl + A] - TURN LEFT - CLOSE

[Left Alt + A] - TURN RIGHT - OPEN


The Kuhlerklappen knob




Unlock throttle i.e. throttle to idle:

You've also got it wrong with the key command. Please refer to the manual.

The reason there is only a key command for this is the way you achieve it. You physically bend the throttle arm to the side to past the blocking detent. Investigate the cutout in the panel in which the throttle lever moves to see what I mean.


ALL camera controls described here in detail:

DCS cameras, views and video recording - ED Forums

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