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What do you want to see most in DCS World?

What do you want to see most in DCS World?  

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  1. 1. What do you want to see most in DCS World?

    • 4th generation, multirole fighters
    • Dynamic campaign system
    • New combat theater maps
    • Improved multiplayer with dedicated server and online performance tracking
    • New and improved air traffic control system
    • New and improved effects and audio and visuals
    • More content in the form of missions and campaigns
    • Other. Please list in discussion
    • New helicopters, like attack helos
    • Older era aricraft from WWII to Vietnam

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Top Posters In This Topic

I would really like to see a flyable KC-135 or C-130 to pull in more of the FSX crowd to fly in multiplayer.


On that note could Santa bring us this for the AI C-17 and AI C-130?



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I don't need no stinkin' GPS! (except for PGMs :D) :pilotfly:







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But, why do we need a dynamic campaign first, if then we can not flying it in multiplayer, for server problems and Netcode restrictions?


This is something that needs to be fixed regardless. Another thought, F-18C and new maps are already coming. Dynamic Campaign is the new feature that is going to be the real game changer for this sim.

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That's a hell of a set of choices and I want most of them, but forced to choose one, it is without doubt a dynamic campaign system, however let me stress that it must support multiplayer!

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My few ideas about potential features/improvements:



-Collidable trees for old map

-Improved quick missions generator

-Ingame radio setup based voice chat

-Better infantry graphics and animations -(DCSW 2.0?)

-New models for all air defences -(DCSW 2.0?)

-New models for aircraft carriers -(DCSW 2.0?)

-New models for all usable weapons -(DCSW 2.0?)

-Better missile dynamics/behavior (ATG/ATA/SAM) -(DCSW 2.0?)

-Dynamic campaign

-Improved sound effects

-Improved weather visuals and weather influence on aircrafts/helos

-Improved Ka-50 (model/textures)

-Improved damage models for WWII aircrafts and possibly Ka-50

-Better explosions visuals -(DCSW 2.0)

-Some ingame background music

-Better ATC system -(DCSW 2.0?)

-Civil air traffic

-Rank use for MP (to gain access to advanced weapons and aircraft in MP missions)

-Sea ops

-Damage models for ground units

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I feel like before anything new is released (After DCS 2.0) The devs time should be spent fixing all the existing bugs and getting the current modules out of beta. This includes fixing the ATC logic.


This way any new content in the future can arrive with a clean slate and not have years of old bugs coming along with them.

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Really, dynamic campaigns is winning? I fail to see the appeal... Scripted campaigns are far more immersive.

There are so many things listed that are far more important. Combat theatres to fit the aircraft for instance. Also, in depth ATC is far more fundamental to realism.


But you cannot save them, and we need tools to desgn better campaigns.

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Picked 'other'


As a relative newcomer I'd love to see all of the existing work polished and working before anything else happens.


eg: Existing missions / campaigns seem to have broken triggers cause by updates to the game/engine handling of triggers or whatever.


Can't have new players stumbling on these issues.



ATC sometimes works, sometimes works poorly and sometimes doesn't work, that could use some polish up.

:edit:And as another user mentioned, ATC could use more depth


Factual inaccuracies and heavily simplified SAM behavior in all modules could be bought up to scratch.



Would be nice to see older modules get some updates and love, eg Ka-50 get some polish, maybe even Air/Air capability (AFAIK A/A mode can be selected, but can't be armed with A/A missiles)



Also need to see all but the most recent BETAs polished and finished.

I recall buying Mi-8 as a BETA some time ago, and it's still listed as a BETA?

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I also think improvement of AAA/SAM's and other ground units reactions to aircrafts' actions is needed greatly. Right now AAA/SAM's and other units act either kind of dumb or very automatic and omniscient in their responses.

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Wow, it looks like the poll is already 'done'. The percentages haven't changed much in the last few hundred votes! I guess it shows how sample sizes can represent large populations fairly well.... interesting.


The thing with is that dynamic campaigns would benefit every era of aviation for WWII to current and all air frames.

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Dynamic campaign system, no discussion.


Oh please make this happen, I so much miss this since Eurofighter 2000, Total Air War, ...


(advanced ATC would have been my second choice)

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I picked other for improvements in all aspects of ground operations.


  • Ground combat forces
  • Transport functionality
  • Airbase ground crew
  • Out of aircraft pilot representation (pre-flight walk-around, post ejection rescue, etc.)
  • Swim capability for amphibious vehicles


Stuff like this will help make DCS feel like a living world.

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i voted for 4th gen multi-role fighters


we've got the hornet coming - an F-16 would be ballers - strike eagle, c'mon!


and they, we've gotta do SOMEthing about the russian side - i'm not a russian aircraft expert but there must be more we can do for them...



also, don't forget realistically modeled systems - radar/EW/IFF, radios, IADS << are you seeing what's going on over in the BMS world?!? WAAAANT! >>


and missile modeling



super super important



i believe eventually we will get to a dynamic campaign - i want that too, very much - that is a very close second place vote


hopefully the people working on aircraft are not the people who would be building/programming a dynamic campaign

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