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A 3D view for the DCS: World 1.5 Open Beta Mission Editor

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This is a quick and dirty hack that spawns the groups you are editing in the DCS: World Mission Editor into an empty mission running in a second instance of DCS: World, so you can preview their location in the 3D world.

Note: This only works for ground units (see also the "Bugs" section in the README). I don't plan to add any more functionality to this, it was a quick experiment and depends on internal DCS implementation details that could change with every update.


As of 2016-02-19, it has been tested with DCS: World and the Open Alpha.

The most recent version and setup instructions can always be found on GitHub.


The original first post follows.





I had been excited to read about the satellite view in the mission editor of DCS 1.5. When I tried it, I was disappointed that the units still only appeared as icons and not as 3D models. So I hacked together a mod for the mission editor.


This is a quick and dirty hack. It allows you to use DCS v1.2.x (update: a second instance of DCS 1.5) to preview a mission as you are editing it in the DCS v1.5 editor (think DCS Witchcraft, but instead of a browser, you are using the DCS v1.5 mission editor).


>> Download and instructions on GitHub




Does anyone know a way to have two instances of the Open Beta running at the same time? For example, can I install another copy of the Open Beta in another folder and start both at the same time without getting the "only one instance allowed" error message?

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Looks like you can indeed install a second copy of 1.5. By default, it will use the same lfs.writedir(), namely %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta, so when you try to start it alongside the first installation, you still get the "only one instance allowed" error. But all you need is to edit the "dcs_variant.txt" file (I changed the content of mine from "openbeta" to "openbeta_D") so the second installation uses its own directory.


I'll adapt this thing to use two instances of v1.5 now.


Update: Experimenting with two instances of 1.5 right now. The unit type mismatch still exists, so I assume I am grabbing the wrong field from the mission editor. Maybe there is a unit name and a display name?


Update 2: Fixed the unit type mismatch (there's a handy me_db.getNameByDisplayName() function). The new version, along with updated instructions, can be found on GitHub.


Update 3: I have recorded a quick video to help you decide if you want to spend the time to set it up yourself (most of which consists of waiting for the second install of DCS: World to complete).

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Wags mentioned it in one of his vids that they are working on it.

General 3D modeling thread and reference sites

UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.

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Updates to my stuff are now going here

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Not realy shure but Ian seems to be a kindly wizard, like the one from Oz?



Thx for your work and time and and...... etc


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I nominate for MOD of the Year! Very nice!

I don't need no stinkin' GPS! (except for PGMs :D) :pilotfly:







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It's a MOD not only of the year but of all time to me :)

By the way is possible to include server statistics scpritps via MissionScripting.lua like the mod included? Very importand question for us, as we are working on stats for Butning Skies server and experiencing some difficulties due to events.lua has been removed.

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