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[REPORTED]SU-25A missing texture

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Thanks for the info Askerov24!


Woouuu, that is really WTF O_O...


Although similar stuff has happened in some studios I have been working in.... So, could be possible. What is really difficulty to believe is that ED does not have its own edm file importer.


In any case, Su-25 and Su-25T updates (or clickable cockpits... ;]) Would be very very welcome :music_whistling:.


Yeah, that's sad, really. Let's hope they remake it one day :)

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Any news about when/if this is gonna be fixed? Do we have to wait some few years more to get this cockpit look, at least, correct?


Or... is there any big "secret" update planned for the Su-25 that could, somehow, justify that this awful problem is not fixed yet?


This is no free content guys 😓.


Thank you

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On 1/10/2021 at 2:09 AM, Gunnar81 said:

I remember reading somewhere that the source code for the lovely Su-25A was lost to ED and this may be why this small item isn't getting fixed?

😄 I don't think so. If the source code of any active module was lost, it wouldn't be compatible with DCS after a few updates. Remember the Hawk T1?

No need to create fables: FC3 aircraft are low priority, that's a fact.

A track or it didn't happen.

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Not creating fables Flappie, someone had posted something to that effect on the DCS forums a few years ago, I was just musing that it COULD be a reason. I believe it was later sorted out to being that the code was written by a former employee and that it would take a bunch of unravelling to figure out. Like you say tho, FC3 aircraft are way down on the totem pole.

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Posted (edited)

if they make a full model I would buy it instantly. Edit: in every company there is data loss sometimes. Who tells else is not working a company.  Where humans work there is error, but today everyone tries to prevent to be perfect... I even had some tome ago a case where a server & the backup (hot) server due to program failure both were killed. Nasty, but can happen. If then for any reason the backup of before is corrupt or not available - thats it. Can happen everywhere. Just google "fails" and you see what humans are capable of...

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7 hours ago, Docsnuggles said:

unusable cockpit


Why exaggerate it till ad absurdum? 🤡


Would be nice though to see some more love given to the Su-25A - apart from having it full fidelity 😉


(uninstalling DCS now and refunding because texture missing!)



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Wishlist:  Northern Germany/Baltic Sea theater | Full Fidelity Su-25A | Asset packs (80s Iran, Lebanon 1982, Syria 2011+ factions)

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On 5/11/2021 at 12:29 PM, Grajo said:

Well... It has been 6 years already since it was reported... Any update on this?

...they simply ignore it. But the A-10A got fixed, so there is still hope.

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Someone really should change the name of the thread - it's an issue with the cockpit model and 'aircraft' model not meshing correctly. A texture bug should have been fixed, a model bug is easier to accept sitting till there's a major rebuild.


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