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DCS: P-40F Kittyhawk at IWM VE Day Anniversary Air Show


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^:megalol::music_whistling::joystick::D That was too funny..

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] SMOKE'M:smoke: IF YA GOT'M!:gun_rifle:

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I'll most likely buy the P-40 when it's released. While waiting for some AI to spar with, I will focus primarily on optimizing my skills in that bird. Not to worry Ellis/Pman, by the time I am capable in the P-40, there will be more than enough AI made available to provide me with an opportunity to put that skill to practice. If I actually manage to survive 1v1 in air combat, I have to learn about the intricacies of landing THIS tail-dragger without splashing it all over the country side. P-51, 190, 109! and then the P-40. Mercy, it is a challenge.

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Exactly. Since they can't please everybody anyway, they might as well pop over to the RAF Museum and get started on a Sopwith Dolphin. :D




I can't be the only one that wants one.


Hand Raised High! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! , Me, Me ,Me, I want one!!!!!

Please, Pretty Please????? :music_whistling:



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Edge 540 is a tech demo only at the moment but I think we might develop a release version if the interest is there.

There's also a potential project we're looking to work on involving it also ;)


Couldn't possibly be something like this could it? ;) Do we have any footage of it out of interest?




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Why exactly am i out of my mind?


Because even the P51D fighting a Bf109 G6 would probably be a better matchup (and the P51D would be superior on that one, of course).

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They are pretty close in performance especially in high alt and they did find each other in the air in the Mediterranean.

Of course each has it's own pros and cons and both variants saw service in '43...

I don't think it's that crazy of a match-up.




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