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Kind of...


I did it with two triggers.


switched condition ----- unit in trigger zone + unit higher than 5000mt------- activate SAM group

switched condition ------ unit in lower than 5000m----- stop Sam group.


The problem is, one unit over the place and the sam can attack everyone... I am pretty sure you can do better with scrilting.... but I dont know how to.

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Without using scripts you can add to ESAc solution and invisible condition with flags, this will make the SAM attack only units flying above x altitude.


switched condition ----- unit 1 higher than 105m------- FL 11 False (or OFF)

switched condition ----- unit 1 lower than 100m-------- FL11 True (or ON)


Then on Unit 1 advanced waypoint actions ---- perform command ---- Invisible On (checked) with the condition of FL11 true (checked) and another with invisible OFF (un checked) when FL 11 is False (unchecked).



Repeat for each unit with specific flags (FL 12 for unit 2, FL13 for unit 3, etc.)

A limitation is that when units are invisible (under 100 m in this case) they wont be attacked by any IA.


You can also change invisiblity altitude with range from SAM using trigger zones. So in each zone a different altitude triggers FL11 ON and OFF (invisibility ON and OFF).


In this antiship mission aircrafts are invisible to ships if under (aprox.) 40 m altitude and within a range of 10-100 km and if under 20 m under 10 km of range from the target.

http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=139994, pg 1 post 9, Operation Atilla.


Note: AFAIK altitude condition on ME is over sea level.

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