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Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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If you need to buy a license, get Win 8.1, unless 10 happens to be released.

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Get either one, as windows 10 will be free.

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Windows 7. And though it is said to be free for 10, if it works, don't fix it.

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Why use a OS which is going to be about 6 years old? Windows 7 was released in 2009 and never received big feature packs, so it hasn't really anything to do with new PC's anymore. You would have to install dozens of drivers and third-party-tools to get at least half of the functionality which Win 8.1 brings just out-of-the-box (like USB3, SSD, Virtualizing, UEFI, DirectX, UHD Upscaling-Support, ...).


And of course, Win 8.1 is much faster. In a few months uprade to Win10, anyway.

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Why use a OS which is going to be about 6 years old? Windows 7...


Never mind the fact that you're going to spend the better part of the day 'updating' your OS with all the patches that MS released over the years...

"It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage..."

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The bottom line is that either of them will run DCS World without any issues.


As for Windows 10, yes, there is a free 12 month grace period after release for anyone with 7 or 8 to upgrade free of charge. I don't however think I'll make the move for at least 6 months after it is released, so any issues can be discovered and fixed first.


I suspect Windows 7 would be the more cost-effective solution as it is no longer in vogue.

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I`d get a used copy of Win7-64 Ultimate on eBay and settle with it, unless you need the UHD upscaling for large resolution monitors, as 7 really looks a bit strange on those, stranger the more you pump up the pixel count.


Any other features are also in 7, maybe with a driver, but this aint Linux or Mac where 1 or 2 drivers double your workload. You will face 150+ updates to install, a SP on either one if u dont get a 7SP1 or 8.1 right away.


MS sucks when it comes to patching, it installs in 20min and needs HOURS and countless reboots to patch.... any of my Linux's or Mac's show how clever this can be done with a few clicks and 1 reboot only.


I just sold 7 Win7-64 Ult. on eBay as I had 2 over, each one went for around 80€.


There seem to be a few faked DVDs and piracy lics on ebay too when it comes to Windows OS copies, doublecheck you buy and get what u looked for.


Wife --> Ubuntu

Me/work --> Mac

Me/multimedia --> Mac

Kids YT --> Ubuntu/Mac

Kids Gaming --> Mac/Win ( girls do Mac, boys also PC )

Family Gaming --> Wii-U

Me/DCS --> Win7


I almost managed to ban Microsft from my family. There still are some things we need it for but we would happily change to another OS for that specific stuff. Everybody in this family knows all mayor OS, so we swop laptops and desktops as we need it and we can work and enjoy on all, just that Windows causes the mosr work to maintain a stable and up-2-date platform.


I have no probs with MS stuff, I work with it daily as an IT Admin, I just clearly say from all there are, it has the highest demands on being kept alive and healthy and needs the most reboots haha.


Agreed, none but MS can be swiss army knife, that must be said too as it the last hook that MS has in this household ;)



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Running 7 on a refurbed machine that cost me under $200 on NewEgg. Dropped a GTX 750Ti SC in it. Took about 3 hours to set it up initially, with a clean license, and updates.


Runs pretty good! Wife and I both run Win7 machines. Hers is an i5. Zero problems, nice performance. I'm 6GB, she's 8.

Dogs of War Squadron

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