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DCS World 1.2.15 Release Build Discussion


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Nope, just the wrong exe file, see my edit :)


After i finished downloading the Beta the normal 1.2.15 update came.:doh:


You should install and keep it, so you've got it the next time an update comes.


€dit again: now I'm doing it anyway because of this ;)


Guys remember to click on "repair install" once you finished downloading and installing the patch. Otherwise, you're gonna have an issue with the MiG-21. You can see it with the missing background on the desktop and the icon in the main menu that is a white eagle on green font.


My repair size was about 300 mb and it fixed the issue.



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Mine is dead too.


Ran the update, now it won't start at all. Tried repair, tried exe in main bin folder just flashes the start pic and dies.


Do I need to re-install the whole thing? I hope not, as I have all the add-ons but one.

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automatic updater? How to use it?




I just received an e-mail about the release of DCS World 1.2.15. It states

"You can download DCS World 1.2.15 using the automatic updater".

I just wonder how to use the automatic updater and where it's located inside the program.


I moved few days ago from Steam installation to DCS site, so this is my first time I must go after a non automatic udpate of the game outside Steam.


BTW, I searched this forum for automatic updater without results.


Thanks in advance.

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Star Force ProActive has recently implemented a deactivation option for DCS: MiG-21bis. In order to avoid an unneeded activation of previously activated module due to Start Force protection changes, please:

Deactivate the module

Exit DCS

Start DCS again

Activate the module after starting a MiG-21BIS mission


Exactly how am I to deactivate the module (as in the first step) when there currently is no deactivate function?

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Hi there,


after installing the update and everything else, the MiG-21 is working, as the rest - but my A10-C is not working anymore! :cry:


Just starting, loading ground objects and a few things, than stops and back to the mission editor...


I repaired a couple of times; deactivated any Mod in JSGME... nothing seems to work.


Any idea if I may ask? :music_whistling:


SineTimore :pilotfly:

Space Aviator Cavalary

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Thanks for this patch, only one question... I installed the patch, run the repair (for the MiG-21 Problem) and now...


I'm missing the Flaming Cliffs Manual in german language.

I searched in DCS\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\Doc without success.

I'm using DCS in english but to my best knowledge all language versions were installed in the past!?

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This update just wrecked my DCS totally.

My wingman is experiencing some wierd stuff as well.


Me before:

60-120 fps average

Me now: 10 and laggy as hell. Totally unplayable.



Ka-50 crashes his game


Without mods - instant action - quick missions. All tested.


My system:

Win8 64x


2x8GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator platinum 1866mhz cl9 RAM

GTX 690 (Multi-GPU off for DCS although it made no difference this time. It cant get worse I suppose)


Something in this update has seriously messed my DCS up.


EDIT: Im gonna have to make a game performance support thread for this.

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The DCS_updater that I can find inside the bin folder just starts the game up with the 1.2.14 version, as if there were no updates available I assume, but the auto-updater that you can download separately, also called DCS_updater.exe with the DCS icon, actually does update the game. Funny.

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I'm not sure if I'm imagining things here, but this version seems to run better than any _ever_ on this machine - FPS at constant 30 now, regardless of how big a mission is running. And the GFX seem subtly different and better too; the lighting seems improved somehow, as do the explosion effects. Overall, the experience is totally hiccup-free and fluid now.


Is it just me? Or did they _really_ change something profound in v1.2.15?


PS. It should be mentioned however that DCS has always run pretty well for me, so I dunno really... SEEMS more fluid anyhow.

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Can anyone actually fly the MiG-21Bis or Hawk T.1A in 1.2.15? The MiG-21Bis displays to me what looks like I'm sunk into the fuselage and is completely unresponsive to controls. Selecting a T.1A just drops me in an A-10C....


No! I do have the MiG21Bis but it seems porked. All of it's Instant Missions are totally just gone. The list is empty. :cry:


And if I Create Fast Mission, my view is way in front of the cockpit. I can just see the tip of the nose and pitot tube. I have no controls. Not even the keyboard works. I cannot press ESC to get out even after I crash!:doh:


So, if I 'try' to fly the MiG21 I have to End Task to get out of the mission. :mad:

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I did a repair that downloaded almost 400MB and the MiG-21Bis works now. Weird, but whatever. I don't have any mods or weirdness installed, but it works now, so not complaining. Agree on the Hawk; was just surprised to have problems with both instead of just the one.


Thanks xao!! That fixed it.


And this patch gave me some fps back! I had been wondering why my fps dropped from 45 to 25 several weeks ago. I've been playing with all kinds of settings on my 660Ti 3g, but none helped. I couldn't figure out why my game was slow. So it gave me the kick in the pants go order a GTX 980 4gb a few days ago... And now with this patch I am getting 30-45fps in dogfights! :lol:

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Intel I9-10850K (OC @ 5.0ghz) │ Asus Maximus XII Hero │ G.Skill Ripjaws 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 3200 │ Thermaltake Water 360mm

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10gb │ 2TB M.2 EVO Pro; 1T M.2 EVO; Sandisk SSD Drives │ 3x Acer 28" │ 1x 28" Touchscreen
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Yes it seems to have done for quite a few people. I still cannot get it repaired or started, all this after it supposedly updated itself to 1.2.15


I can't say I'm impressed really as I have now read that people with the closed beta had the same problems....so why release it as open beta.


I'm currently downloading the whole 1.2.15 which is a whopping 8.98Gb on a Friday night net connection shared with someone watching streaming TV.


All with a view to re-installing the whole thing. Not my plan for the weekend really.


Some say 1.2.15 is great, others say it's a frame rate disaster....I hope not !


And the whole thing is going down without a word from anyone involved in making it happen.

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