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This is the first mission that will begin to unfold into a series of missions. I will eventually package them all up and release a campaign. The second mission has been uploaded and is awaiting approval.


This is a joint effort mission that can be flown by fixed wing, KA-50, Mi-8, and UH-1H. It is very dynamic and allows for multiple playthroughs. It is capable of supporting Co-Op - as will all my future missions.


I intend to release missions that will feature rotary wing and fixed wing roles. Some missions will feature one or the other, but I will implement joint effort as much as possible. For example, the next mission is a recon mission. It is hard to implement a helicopter in that scene. But my next creation will feature helicopters and fixed wing.


I am concerned with gameplay. I pull the ideas for my missions off games I have played and real world experience in combat. So each mission offers a balanced mix of realism and fun.

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I changed the name of the mission in my own files. Then, I downloaded the mission off the DCS website. I did not experience any type of crash.


I just updated the mission on the DCS website, so the file I ran this test on is not the exact same file you have. The changes were minute so I doubt that they fixed the problem.


In the end, I personally did not have any issues.

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