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Black Shark Release Date?

Guest denneym1

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Guest InThaKnow

Truth is, you will be Lucky to see it before the end of the year due to many bugs that have been caused by the new addon...


The addon has created many problems to the original lockon and will take time to fix....


End of the year is looking more likely as a release date.....

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Ooooooo xmas eh?

Obviously, I have no idea when it will emerge, but if they leave it that late, I imagine many customers will be lost, I'm just about calling it a day on this game anyway its only the thought of a good helicopter to fly that keeps me hanging on, but since its using the same very inefficiant code as lockon and will use star****, then having to wait that long will probably be the final straw that makes me leave the whole thing behind

oo err...missus:animals_bunny:


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Ooooooo xmas eh?

Obviously, I have no idea when it will emerge, but if they leave it that late, I imagine many customers will be lost,...

I don’t know how many customers will be lost, but I do know that there will be a lots more new customers PLUS all of us who will stay with FC.

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*whips out his sales-stand with the Patience-lotion™ tubes in it* Get it here!


Seriously, I'm getting Black Shark even if I have to wait until 2010 for it.



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"it will be done when its done"..."tomorrow"...Yep...it's a shame


We know these answers...all of us


...but we need an intelligent answer...from ED...maybe from testers...not from kindergarden kids


We'd like to get a date ...not an exact...or a name of a month...just more or less ... coz it's not a demand.



PLEASE be quiet if you are not a tester...at least...or if you know nothing interesting about the Realising Date.


PS:....& again : plz B intelligent if U reply



sry 4 the "clever" words...but i cant stand the "under the level" kinda posts.

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The devs are still working out the different on-board systems, so I don't think it will be ready before summer, read well, ready, after that the game needs to be distributed. So count on October 2006 or something in the vicinity.




Serious enough? Yes, all we need is some wild speculation...

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I give it another 6 months before its in a final beta and annoying glitches are being taken care of....say another 6 months after that?


If speed tree is implemented I wouldnt mind waiting on another year for BS...especially if most of the bugs are squashed.

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HungaroJET testers will not be able to give you answer you seek because of NDA... We are not allowed to make such comments. And noone from ED will be able to give you definite date, as if a new serious bug is found, release date can be put off for moths... After all ED will want release a complete, optimised product, which would require as little patches as possible. I furmly accept that it will be released when it is ready. And for me, it's good enough and serious answer.





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Actualy I think they said somewhere that it would come out in 2 weeks?


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Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum


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You could always try an older Helo (Ka-50) combat simulator and practice flying an Helo.


Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum


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