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Set radio transmission from trigger zone

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Hi, i'm getting into radio transmission and radio homing in DCS. I managed to create radio transmission and beacons using the "advanced waypoint action" with absolutely no problem.


When I try to use the "trigger zone" method i just can't make it work.


So this is what I do:

1- set a trigger zone near the helicopter

2- set trigger - continuous, at once, at mission start - I tried all with no luck

3- set condition - unit alive, random 100%, time more 5 sec - tried all

4- set action - transmission from trigger zone - I tried various frequencies both AM/FM loop on/off


Absolutely no sign of transmission, no pointer alive on the instrument, no audio from the radio...

even if i set the freq/AM/FM/Loop the same exact way i set for the "advanced waypoint action" mode, it just don't work.


Any suggestion??? is it a known bug???


Thank you.



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