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Poll for Civil Modules you would buy for DCS World

Poll for Civil Modules you would buy for DCS World  

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  1. 1. Poll for Civil Modules you would buy for DCS World

    • Aerobatic Sukhoi, Yak, Pitts, Extra,...
    • Cessna Skyhawk, Piper Arrow, Beechcraft Baron, ...
    • Turboprop PC-12, B200, ...
    • Helicopter Bell 206, AS350, Robinson 44, ...
    • None !!!! I only want something with a canon!!!

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Would quite like an aircraft that can be used for x purposes


For example an An-26, you can use it for military transport as well as civilian duties, there can be loads of modifications and skins to it, and it would suit the Caucasus theater.


Then a Yak-52 or even a Zlin, something that can also be used both for civil and military flights. I'm fed up with Cessnas from FSX :D


I understand VEAO is making a Grob Tutor, which will kind of fill the gap for light aircraft for a while :)

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I believe something that's lacking in general aviation sims (FSX/X-plane) is a good damage model. They can model system failures, but nothing about damaging your aircraft from a hard landing or any kind of collision.


Having a decent damage model is a really good thing about DCS, even though there are some quirks here and there, so any civil module would be fine to me, especially helicopters!

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I'd get an aerobatics plane or two. May be a turboprop too.


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A-4E, MB-339, Edge 540


Utility modules:

Combined Arms, NS 430 GPS

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Well, idea of having civilian aircraft inside DCS is IMHO strange for the lack of better word.

The "C" in DCS should keep meaning something. The way I see it: DCS is already being dissolved by WWII(and a little bit by trainers), adding civilian aircraft would not be good for it, I believe.

So big NO for civ aircraft from me.


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I would buy AFM/PFM planes/modules:


1. Any big plane that is AI in game right now

2. Small iconic planes like AN-2.

3. Gliders if they will become possible

4. Sky diving module (yes sometimes I eject at high altitude and high speed with high winds... fun!)

5. Last... small... flightmodel-less overpowered boring aerobatic planes. :P


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My 2 penny.


I don't think they should do any civil aircraft and use time and money on that. X-pane and MFS-X is already out there to be used.


Next thing cut be trucks module?


I would like, if ED and 3 parties concentrate on making several new locations, more support on ground troops and naval battles.

They have already started WW2 + modules and using time and money on it, witch I thing is great. Some mention Vietnam and Korea conflict and more to come.

I do see danger by spreading to much and therefore don´t like the idea on going on the route "Civil airplanes." Starting it, then some would like an other one and then an other, just like aircraft "with guns" I would dislike to see that happen.

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Cannon only option. The only reason to have a "non combatant" aircraft is if it can serve a purpose in the big picture for the sim. IE human flyable tanker / awacs, or, aircraft that does troop / materiel transport if it were truly implemented in game and not via buggy custom scripts...

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I would buy small planes so that when DCS2.0 will be ready I will explore the terrain beauty in a high adreanline way! :)


Bush pilots? Anyone ? :))))))

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If it flies and is properly simulated count me in! :thumbup:


I mean, even if there aren't weapons in each aircraft things like tankers, troop transports and such have their roles in combat scenarios.

So limiting by only if it carries weapons is rather restrictive I think.


For example, Airbus tanker for Eurofighter? C-47 to drop paratroopers? Light recon planes? Bring 'em!

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Sure, I fly to kill something occasionally. But, for the most part, I fly for the fun and challenge of flying only. DCS gives such a good simulation of flight. I understand the "C" part of it, but the adventure of trying to land a Messerschmidt is IT for me! I'll get it right, soon...

The Hornet is best at killing things on the ground. Now, if we could just get a GAU-8 in the nose next to the AN/APG-65, a titanium tub around the pilot, and a couple of J-58 engines in the tail...

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Would love such planes. But they woudn't fit unless we had the world to fly in with them, considering that they can't be used in combat.


Then again, if it was for me i would get even an Awacs :P But then it would need to have the FMC and well, i woudn't really make many flight plans if i woudn't be able to select sid/stars and so on.

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