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[RESOLVED / NO BUG]Canopy freezing and Pitot system freezing bugs

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I’ve noticed some possible bugs concerning Canopy freezing and Pitot system freezing


During flight in atmosphere in icing conditions (as stated in manual: temperature is between 0oC and -10oC (32F / 14F) while your IAS is between 400 - 500 km/h) with both Pitot tube heaters off (CL74 & CL75) as expected I’ve noticed reading discrepancies for altitude, IAS, TAS and M (all eventually went to 0) but little to no discrepancy with reading of vertical speed values. Additionally I’ve lost reading od AOA (needle stuck at 0 position)So:


Bug no.1 Freezing conditions are present in game when temperature is between 0oC and +10oC not as stated in manual -10oC (misprint)


Bug no.2 AoA is affected by freezing but needle goes to 0 deg instead of freezing at current AoA reading for example 8 deg.


After this I tried to see what will happen if only aux. Pitot heater or main Pitot heater system will be on (CL75 only or CL74 only). As previously I lost all mentioned readings but switching Pitot tube selector lever (CU44) to auxiliary or main position (in second case) did not remedy situation – I still didn’t have readings and I should have them in one of the Pitot systems.


Bug no.3 auxiliary Pitot tube heating and main Pitot tube heating seem to be serially connected to both main and auxiliary Pitot systems.


As far as Canopy freezing is concerned I was not able to experience it at all. Instead of this I’ve noticed that ASP-PFD shut down itself (no piper and fixed net present, no backlight on ASP whatsoever) Using Anti-icing system lever (deicing front cockpit) did not help. After accelerating to unfreeze ASP switched back on itself. It also came back on when only both Pitot heaters ( CL74 and CL75) were switched on


Bug no.4 Pitot freezing effect seems to be somehow wired to ASP power supply.

Bug no.5 Not able to get Canopy freezing at all.

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Regarding bug no. 1:


Does it only freeze from +10°C to 0°C or does it freeze from +10°C to - 10°C?

If it is the later, it would be technically correct. Icing can occure from +10°C to - 10°C whenever within visibile moisture (rain, snow, fog, clouds).

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No 2. maybe it's freezing and can't move anymore? Or only this part is simulated.


No 5. I confirm. Never saw canopy freezing.


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Noted, thank you.


Bug no.1 - manual is correct, tested, confirmed


Bug no.2 - debugged, main and aux Pitot are separated. UUA will nevertheless show around 0 degrees if DUA is frozen.


Bug no.3 - debugged, main and aux Pitot are separated.


Bug no.4 - ASP depends on Pitot for some calculations.


Bug no.5 - Effect is implemented, unfortunately lacking visual representation. I hope this will be available someday.

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