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104th Phoenix Dedicated Server Info

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Fighter Control Weekend



This Saturday and Sunday between 15:00z and 21:00z we will be providing Fighter Control Services on our public server using LotATC.


The service will be available for both Blue and Red Coalitions on our TeamSpeak Server in Dedicated Fighter Control Channels.








A copy of the 104th Brevity Document is linked below, please try to familiarise yourself with these codes although you are not expected to know them all.



The main codes you need to understand are ...



Bogey Dope












See you in the middle





104th Brevity Codes



Edited by [Maverick]


104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad

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Oh so thats why i was shot down so fast last night?


j/k i suck :D


My Rig:

Core i7 6700K + Corsair Hydro H100i GTX

Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7,G.Skill 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz

Gigabyte GTX 980 OC

Samsung 840EVO 250GB + 3xCrucial 275GB in RAID 0 (1500 MB/s)

Asus MG279Q | TM Warthog + Saitek Combat Pedals + TrackIR 5


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Operation Armageddon

Now live on the 104th Phoenix Dedicated Server



A short range high intensity Air to Air Scenario with Target Area's in the Crimea for the first time ever on our server!



Blue Fighters - Anapa - Strikers - Kutaisi

Red Fighters - Maykop - Strikers - Sochi




Mission Map






Target Area Charlie, an enemy port in the Crimea




Mission also features Krasnodar Airbases that can be captured. Blue starts with Krasnodar Centre and Red Starts with Krasnodar Pashkovsky. To capture the enemy airbase your side must destroy all the SAMS located there, shortly after this, friendly SAMS will spawn on that base!

If the enemy returns then destroys all your sides units at your newly captured base then you will lose this base to the enemy!


Both Krasnodar Centre and Pashkovsky are only protected by SA-13 Strela and AAA!


104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad

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Is this server public all week or only weekend events? Are there any special rules about joining mid/late game or spectating?


I get "Connection Interrupted" every time. I have <50ms ping and I just forwarded port 10308 (?). Am I missing anything? Thanks


edit: ok I connected now. I think it was because I had a generic name "Nick" which I changed.

Edited by Nick444
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Sadly for now we are going to have to remove all the JTACs from our missions.


Since we added them our server stability has been horrible, our server has been down more in the past week than it has in the past 6 months! This is not acceptable for us, despite the added awesomeness of having JTAC working in the server.


We will look at this again in the near future to try and find some way of having JTAC present in all missions without affecting the server stability, but for now sadly it has to go :(


On another note, we do have new Transport UH1H missions in Operation Armageddon. I've flown and completed these many times now and it is extremely rewarding!!! The mission involves flying out to a FOB that is only 20nm from Bullseye and resupplying it with Air Defence assets! The missions are high risk due to the close proximity of enemy fighters but I can honestly say I've not had so much fun in DCS in a long time, being hunted by enemy jets and dodging missiles in a helo is great fun when you're not actually getting shot down :D


Plus you get the added bonus of watching the SAMS you get online shoot enemy fighters that are hunting you down! Unadultarated awesomeness folks! Nothing more satisfying than a fast emergency landing at the FOB to get the Tor online then watch him pop that enemy Flanker chasing you!


Screenshot from last nights sortie with Octuplefire. We both got our own Tors online and sat and watched them wreck the enemy jets hunting us :joystick:




Octuplefire landing at the FOB (lights on to bait bandits :D )



Edited by [Maverick]


104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad

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I really liked that Transport UH1H mission, great fun! Nice job 104!

Asus Prime X570-P * Ryzen 5800X * RTX 3080 TUF OC * G.Skill 32GB DDR4 3600MHz * 2 x 256Gb M.2 * Samsung 850 EVO 512Gb SSD * Kingston HyperX 120Gb SSD * Corsair RM850x V2/2018 * HP Reverb G2 * CH Fighterstick/Pedals/Throttle

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Server doesnt show on list and I am using current public release version. Down for maintenance?

Know and use all the capabilities in your airplane. If you don't, sooner or later, some guy who does use them all will kick your ass.


— Dave 'Preacher' Pace, USN.

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Is vulching airfields allowed in this server? Last night was very frustrating as a friend and I were (trying) to fly our Su-27's.. Besides it being 11 F-15's vs 3 Su-27's..


1. I was being locked for a short time while I was in a bunker.


2. My friend who was parked outside, wasn't so lucky. A 120 killed him before the ground crew even finished loading his aircraft.


3. Frogfoots and Warthogs were pointless death sentences.


4. Despite dodging 120's during take off, we eventually made it in the air and shot two down (which was short lived of course with 3-4 other F-15's in the area). If there's no vulching, 4 Su-27's that can actually get near the bullseye vs 10 F-15's is still better than F-15's vs F-15's, in my opinion.

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oh for petes sake!


you don't hear anybody whining when the SUs are hovering over the mountains north of kutaisi





oh.. i see ---- the problem is you don't like it when its "frustrating"


maybe if we all put our heads together we can devise a ruleset that avoids all "frustration"


c'mon now gents! we can do this!!



i7-4790K | Asus Sabertooth Z97 MkI | 16Gb DDR3 | EVGA GTX 980 | TM Warthog | MFG Crosswind | Panasonic TC-58AX800U



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Overreacting, eh?

I can understand why the guy is frustrated. Coming back from work and having not much time to play I'd be pretty frustrated too of the only thing I was able to do was being killed on the apron.


For the record I fly mostly mig21 so I know what frustration can be in MP.


The guy just want to takeoff and fight. A little bit of fair play can be shown at times. The scoreboard shouldn't be the defining factor of enjoyment.

Edited by Bidartarra
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sounds like you want multiplayer online, but you want the other side to "play fair"


(what does that even MEAN)


play at war, yet be "nice"?


i guess we should all line up in neat lines and wear bright red jackets and shoot when we're told


so as to appease the "soft core" crowd??


you've got single-player - you've got other servers -------- don't ruin the 104th

i7-4790K | Asus Sabertooth Z97 MkI | 16Gb DDR3 | EVGA GTX 980 | TM Warthog | MFG Crosswind | Panasonic TC-58AX800U



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