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3 Hawks Drawing

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I want a hawk



ASUS Z170 PRO Gaming || i7x6700K@4.6GHz || Noctua NH-U14S || Corsair16GB DDR4 - 3000MHz || Asus Strix GTX-1080 TI-11GB || TrackIr 5Pro || Saitek x-55 Rhino || Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals || Win10 pro

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I want a Hawk

"Long life It is a waste not to notice that it is not noticed that it is milk in the title." Amazon.co.jp review for milk translated from Japanese

"Amidst the blue skies, A link from past to future. The sheltering wings of the protector..." - ACE COMBAT 4

"Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight"-Psalm 144:1 KJV

i5-4430 at 3.00GHz, 8GB RAM, GTX 1060 FE, Windows 7 x64

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I want a Hawk.

System Properties:



MSI z97-g45 gaming motherboard

4.0 GHz Intel Core i7-4790k Quad-Core

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (4x2GB) RAM

Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5

Corsair RM750W PSU.

WD Caviar Black 1.0TB Hard drive, Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB Hard drive.

Windows 7 Home Premium

HOTAS Warthog

CH Pedals

Track IR 5 With Track Clip Pro.


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