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VoiceAttack - Sort airfields alphabetically rather than by distance?

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Hey guys,


I've been playing around with VoiceAttack in DCS to handle communication with ATC, JTAC, AWACS, Tanker, etc... Essentially removing the need to come off the hotas to press F keys when required.


It works really well, but unfortunately you can't use commands like "Senaki inbound" because the airfields are sorted by distance, and their F keys are always different. So I'm using multiple commands like "ATC (sends F5), option 3 (sends F3), inbound (sends F1)".


Is anyone aware of a way to sort the airfields in any other way?


I assume it's a long shot, but who knows.



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I use Voice Activated Commands for mine and it's pretty much the same, only I have entered commands "Eff One" to "Eff Twelve" to use whenever the available options are different. They are also very useful for when a command may not be recognised, for whatever reason.


It's a real shame that ED don't implement voice commands for radio. Not as if it's something new or isn't available to the masses.

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Thanks for the replies.


After thinking about this a bit more, I set up some new commands that I like better for ATC than what I was using.


Now the process is:

"ATC" (sends F5)

"one inbound" sends F1 then F1


I set up "one inbound" through "ten inbound", so for example "four inbound" would send F4 (for whatever airfield F4 is at the time), then F1 (for inbound).

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