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OT: When was it your first time?

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TomKatt, can you please refrain from metaphors, as they upset some people... I'll let you off with a warning this time, but please, don't do it again.


Now to the business... My first time was when I was growing up in Russia, about 1991, and by father (who is a scientist) took me to work, where he had a computer (which was a rarity at that time), with LHX installed on it. I flew that game for hours, and it sort of left its mark on me. However, at that time I didn't become upsessed with aircraft. Much later, I played novalogic MiG-29 Fulcrup, and got really interested in it. However I soon realised that it was too simple for me, and played a viriety of other flight sim games, including Eurofighter Typhoon, untill I stumbled across demo of Flanker 2.0. Now that was AWESOME. I bought the game, then 2.5 expansion (as my favorite plane is MiG-29), and then LOMAC. I got really obsessed with aviation since Flanker 2 really...

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.

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I grew up with a grass field "aerodrome" basically in my backyard. I would hop my fence and walk the path through the woods to watch airplanes take off and land. When i was about 13, i had odd jobs to save money to take lessons (you can take lessons at any age). I was ready to solo before i was of age to solo. I had 87 hours total time when i finally was of age to solo. I'll never forget it. I got my Private at age 18, my instrument at age 19, took a break from flying cause the industry was going to crap while trying to figure out what i wanted to do (always wanted to be a pilot, but in those days, pilots were paying upwards of 15k just to get hired.. also known as Pay For Training - PFT). There was no way i could swing that and college at the same time. So... i sold cars/landscaped/worked FBO ramps for a few years while taking college courses in Aerospace. A few years later, the industry started to turn around and i got my Commercial, Multi, CFI II and MEI. I worked the ramps at the local FBO pumping gas and towing airplanes while going through college to make connections. I took most of my rides with the Feds since they dont charge for the check ride. Once i got my CFI, i was the senior Flight Instructor at that same grass field i used to watch airplanes. In the mid 90's i tried to join the Marines and go to Quantico for OCS and become a Marine Aviator. I already had all my ratings and about 800 hours total time. But, with Clinton cutbacks at the time, you had to basically be a 4.0 out of MIT to get an Aviation Contract. I was no where near that and there was no way i was going to take the recruiters suggestions of "Green to Gold... Seaman to Admiral" pitches. So i went the civilian route and ended up an airline pilot. I've owned sims since the first MSFS, Pro Pilot, MS98 (used to train instrument students on FS98 with CH Products.. .awesome company imo). I really got into CFS1 near the turn of the century. I've built many RC planes and warbirds including a Great Planes J3 Cub covered in silk (have about 30 hours in the real deal), a Top Flite F4U, a Sig Bonanza (have about 500 hours in a gorgeous A36 i used to fly charter) and various ARF's. I've been flying total for about 20 years and professionally for about 10 years. My airline recently went out of business (in case some of you are wondering why i have so much time on my hands...lol). So.., if any of you know anyone looking for a good pilot with a strong resume.. or perhaps a software/joystick company looking for technical consultant pilots with a knack for building pc's and a strong learning curve...dont hesistate to PM me. I actually prefer to work for a software/joystick company at this point considering how the airline industry is today. I have some very creative ideas/plans for a variety of cost effective, portable, home cockpit designs affordable to the everyday end user combat sim pilot and virtual airline pilot alike. :-)


Other than that... im certainly enjoying Lock-On during my down time. I enjoy Shooters of any kind, yet i've never been into guns... figure that one out..lol


Put guns on an airplane and its hard to pull me away. I've owned many games from Pong to current X360 and LOMAC. I'll be a gamer till the day i die. :icon_supe


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