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[F-18C] Swiss Air Force Pack


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These skins are amazing but how is it going with the version 5 and with the new j5017?


Anyway thanks for the good work with these skins.

Louis|Dancer, foundation member of the digital Swiss Air Force, a group of enthusiasts trying to imitate everything that has to do with Swiss military aviation on dcs. If you want to join us, contact us via instagram.

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our instagram:dSAF


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If only we could model Payerne and the Neuchatel Lake area :-)


Fond memories of my 10 years in NE.



Creator of:


F-18C VFA-195 "Dambusters" 1998 CAG Livery



F-18C VFA-195 "Dambusters" July 2001 CAG Livery



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Hello everybody,


it is with all the sadness of the world that I must announce that "Kizir_77" left us earlier this year, he was 41 years old. "Kizir_77" has done a lot of work for DCS with a wide variety of skins. He had an incredible sense of detail and a immeasurable sense of sharing. He'll be missed.





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Sad news :(


I´m sorry to hear this guys.


Take care, and thank you for everything.



Col. Bruno "Fonzie" F. (on DCS)




"About carrier ops: The younger pilots are still quite capable of holding their heads forward against the forces. The older ones have been doing this too long and know better; sore necks make for poor sleep.'


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I'm planing to release the next Update very soon.


It will include Kizir's († 2019) last work, the beautiful J-5017 from 2018, together with a custom skin for the training missile CATM-9 by myself.


I hope to release the update before my holidays.

Edited by CHSubZero

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Version 5 uploaded:

Livery "Swiss J-5017 Falcons 2018" added, liveries cross-linked and custom livery for the training missile CATM-9 added


Please find details in the first post



Great job thank you :thumbup:

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