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[F-18C] Swiss Air Force Pack

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Swiss Air Force Pack


KIZIR_77 († 2019), PSV_Tango, Chervo and myself have put our digital pens together to bring you the most accurate skins of the F/A-18C Hornet used by the Swiss Air Force. We've made liveries from J-5001 to J-5026 (all with fixed BORT numbers) as well as a generic livery with dynamic BORT number (use 3 digits in Mission Editor).


Not included will be J-5022 which crashed 2 years ago into a mountain in bad weather conditions. The Pilot, Oblt. David G., died in this accident and we want to honour him and his family by not painting his plane. Our best wishes are still with his family.


The liveries contain custom pilot helmets, patches and every (!) livery has a custom RADIO CALL sign visible near the Wing Fold handle.


CAUTION: The liveries are cross-linked to reduce space. Do not remove a livery because it may effect other liveries.


Release Notes


Thanks to Chervo the livery J-5011 2020 has been added

New Helmet textures (thx to Porcorosso for the fabric normals)

Fuel tank RoughMets fixed



Fuel tank for J-5011 2016 added



Thanks to Chervo and with his permission I've added his amazing liveries "Swiss J-5011 Tigers 2004", "Swiss J-5011 Tigers 2011" and "Swiss J-5011 Tigers 2016"



Livery "Swiss J-5017 Falcons 2018" added, liveries cross-linked and custom livery for the training missile CATM-9 added



Opacity of the dirt and shabby layers reduced to look more like the Swiss Air Force Hornets



Livery name of "Swiss J-5017 Falcons" changed to "Swiss J-5017 Falcons 2010"

Livery name of "Swiss J-5018 Panthers" changed to "Swiss J-5018 Panthers 2010"

"Swiss J-5018 Panthers 2010": Small Panther sign underneath cockpit updated to 2018 re-painted version

Fuel tank without emergency frequency signs assigned randomly to the liveries like we did with the squadron patches.



Accurate RADIO CALL sign position (near Wing Fold handle instead above UFC)



Initial release with 26 liveries, custom helmets, patches and accurate RADIO CALL sign in every (!) livery


Things on our Bucket List

  • J-5001 1996
  • Custom textures for AIM-9L and AIM-9M


Bucket List done

  • J-5011 2004 (thanks Chervo)
  • J-5011 2011 (thanks Chervo)
  • J-5011 2016 (thanks Chervo)
  • J-5011 2020 (thanks Chervo)
  • J-5017 2018
  • Custom textures for CATM-9


Because of the file size we had to split it in 4 parts:

Download J-5001 to J-5007 + Generic

Download J-5008 to J-5013

Download J-5014 to J-5019

Download J-5020 to J-5026




Edited by CHSubZero

My Mods: DCS User Files

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The „Wolfpack“ who worked together and created the Swiss Air Force Pack for the F-5E Tiger will get their digital pencils together again and create a Skin Pack of all 26 Swiss Hornets and all different versions of the J-5011. So stay tuned and subscribe to this thread to get the latest release notes.

My Mods: DCS User Files

Modules owned: EVERY Module :pilotfly:

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:thumbup: looks wonderful!!!

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Great work !



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