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Jason's Mirror Mod for the F-15 and A-10

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Hey guys,


I'm not sure if a mod like this has ever been done before, but I thought it was a good idea.


This mod was created to give you a better framerate while in flight, but still give the illusion that you have functioning rear-view mirrors.

I personally don't find the mirrors to be very helpful in the game and they pull down your FPS on even the fastest systems.


However, being a stickler for realism and immersion I want to see mirros there, but just no moving images in them. There used to be a mod that did just that, but it used a memory location that changes with every patch and I guess the mod was abandoned.


So, as an alternative to that, I give you my painted mirrors. The mirrors are just drawn on the canopy frames. Unfortunately, the fake mirrors are a bit out of place and in some cases a bit smaller then the real ones. I was limited to the thickness of the canopy frames.


Also, depending on the time of day the texture may not seem appropriate, but again I was limited in what I could do. Regardless, I hope the sense of immersion us simmers so desperately crave has been improved when not using the animated mirrors.


It should be noted that the textures I did for the mirrors was a quick attempt and I encourage anyone with Photoshop skills better than mine to use my templates that are included to make even better looking ones.


On a positive note, when you hit the M or N key to glance at the mirros to check 6' the fake ones are hidden beneath the animated ones.

You have my permission to alter and distribute this mod however you see fit.


I want to thank Asromzek for his Smooth F-15 Canopy Frame mod. I prefer his canopy frame over the grainy stock one.



Jason "Burnin" Williams


To Install:


Just unzip into your Bazar/TempTextures folder located in your Lock On root directory.


I personally don't know how to cram them back into CDDS files. I'm not the swiftest with ModMan/LoMan. But if you know how, please feel free to create a CDDS compatible version.


I uploaded it to LockOnFiles already and hopefully it will be available shortly.









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Su25, Su27/33, and Mig29.... You will be my new hero if you can find a way to do the same for thesw planes as well. (the mirrors extend well outside of the canopy frames in the russian aircraft I think, so this will be a big problem).

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Mirrors for SU-27/33


jason, can you please tell me how you did this as i would like

to have a crack at the Russian planes, even if i cannot extend them past the

frame i would still like to see somthing there. I think the F15/A10 ones look great and would be extremly happy with similar results.


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Anyone got a screeny for me to look at the other birds and I can give you a quick yes or no or maybe.




This is what the other planes look like with mirrors












So whats the verdict, yes, no, maybe? Please be a yes :thumbup:


P.S. I already e-mailed gogamers about this but never got a response, jason, do you think gogamer should sell the trackir hats? because i want to get one from your site but its pretty senseless to buy it from your site then go all the way over to naturalpoint or something to buy the hat and have to pay the shipping fee and tax for that.


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I agree SuperKungFu, thanks for posting the pics.

i would even be happy with mirrors like on the "Mig29"(kept inside the frame)

on the SU-27/33 just so i can have somthing there! better than nothing.

I tried to have a go myself, extracted the textures but then went into

photoshop and got lost!


I hope someone can shed some light on this.:)

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hmm its been 2 weeks and i havent seen this on lockonfiles (or maybe I'm blind) just a little bump then.


2 weeks??? you just posted those screenshots a few days ago.

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No its been 2 weeks when the thread was started and that's when jason presented this mod.


OK, it's only been a few days that you posted the pictures of the other jets. The mod works great for the A-10 and 15 I must say.

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