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Any Way to Change Burn Duration of Vehicles?

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well, there are fire values in that table for vehicles. they look like this (300,2)


I tried editing both numbers and shot one(bmd-1) next to another(bmp-1) with unedited values. I tried (400,2) and (300,4) with no appreciable difference in burn time. No difference in anything really, so it's hard to say what they actually do. i tried to find comparable numbers somewhere for buildings (they burn good) and couldn't find them...




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Well, I have been know to be wrong, from time to time. :(


Anyhow, not to send you on a goose-chase, but Lockon> Bazar> StructTable should have the values for buildings.


Values for most of them are around {60, 2}.


Hope this leads to something...

Dave "Hawg11" St. Jean

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the burn time will even ended after one minute :(


i can change the values, so that nothing burns, but i can not make changes to increase the burning time ....


give some tipps , guys



too much ...



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BTW is the missile trail properties coded in the EXE?


There are a few Missile trail editable files but they only define smoke types, not what each missile will trail like.


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the burn time will even ended after one minute


So, why when you destroy a bridge or a bunker, they burn for several minutes..? I believe 10 or so...

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i mean vehicles ...


i changed the vehicles-fire-values with some other values of stuctures,

so some fire will not burn and other fire has the same effect before changing ....


when a vehicle burns then the fire ended after one minute :(

i can't increase.


if someone could increase burning time ...

please give an example with type of vehicle and exact fire-values


thx for tipps


too much ...



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