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Looking for new signature. Anyone?

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Hey guys.


I'm looking for a new signature, as you can see, it's pretty blank down there :p


Would anyone be kind enough to create a cool sig for me? :D


Something that says "Glowing Amraam Productions" or something, that would be neat.


And remember this though:


* Maximum dimensions: 150 pixels in height


* Maximum filesize: 50 kb


It would be greatly appreciated :D


Thanks, cheers

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Hehe, my good friend, if i could, i would, but i have to use Vegas to create it.


And it's quite limited when it comes down to editing pictures, unless you just wanna alter some colors and stuff..


I don't know Photoshop, nor do i have it. This is why i ask here on the forums ;)

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There was some dude that made sigs in the old ubi.com days, he was pretty popular for it too, even recieved a free copy of lomac once because of his work. I only forgot his name.


Well, that was helpful.


(Anybody seen a little smiley holding up a board that says "NOT"?) ;)



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Hi GA!


Since you seem to be more or less "unemployed" right now, I wonder if that opens up some video editing time on your side for other projects?

If I may suggest a new project, I would love to see more than only the one excellent video =Striker= made out of the loads of VFAT2005 footage.

There are LO-tracks of the rehearsal plus Friday´s and Saturday´s complete shows plus TS voice recordings available here.

Another good video about the event after almost half a year now would be just great!

And maybe Bublik has already got some plans or dates for this years edition so there would be a reason to do a teaser/trailer...

VFAT2005 was a real highlight last year for many in the LOMAC community and I think it still deserves some attention, especially with the prospect of a sequel!


Just a suggestion in case you don´t know what to do now...;)




"For aviators like us, the sky is not the limit - it's our home!"

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Thanks Ice, but IMO, it feels too simple... Don't get me wrong, thanks for the sig, but it's just not quite what i'm looking for.


That sig kinda says "missile productions", or "amraam productions", that's not really me.


It glows, but still, i want something fancy in the background, something cool edited....and the words "Glowing Amraam Productions" somehwere..


Look at my logo for some ideas maybe.. :)

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Thanks for the sigs Wanks, but i don't really want to be associated with 1 type of aircraft either :P


Gideon, you have a very cool, stylish sig, make a blend using something along the style you have, and what wanks just did, with the words "Glowing Amraam Productions" somewhere, and we have a winner i think :D


And no need to put in an amraam missile, just because my name sorta "has something to do with it" :P


Cheers :D

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Ok here’s my contribution ;)



That looks really nice Cosmonaut!

Thermaltake Kandalf LCS | Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R | Etasis ET750 (850W Max) | i7-920 OC to 4.0 GHz | Gigabyte HD5850 | OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 2000 | 2 X 30GB OCZ Vertex SSD in RAID 0 | ASUS VW266H 25.5" | LG Blue Ray 10X burner | TIR 5 | Saitek X-52 Pro | Logitech G930 | Saitek Pro flight rudder pedals | Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

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