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1.2.9 + Exports


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I have DCS 1.2.9 with all Modules:), I also have Helios Exports + VRF Intellivibe seat + 2nd monitor with MFCD's--RWR--etc exported.:thumbup:

so far so good all works fine for A10C, KA50 & P51 all have working helios panels & the A10 & KA have their other exports.:pilotfly:

All other modules work fine without any exports til I try to fly the SABRE:( the only way to get it to load is to remove the custom Export.Lua from the savegames scripts folder:noexpression:, Why this should make a difference is beyond me as the SABRE isn't using any exports.:huh:


Maybe someone out there has an Idea why.

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AMD A8-5600K @ 4GHz, Radeon 7970 6Gig, 16 Gig Ram, Win 10 , 250 gig SSD, 40" Screen + 22 inch below, Track Ir, TMWH, Saitek combat pedals & a loose nut behind the stick :thumbup:

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