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Quote from Michael Brookes

Hi everyone,


just a heads up that we'll be shutting the servers down as 2pm BST today as part of the Beta 1 roll out process. Note that we have a lot more to do than the usual rollouts so this may take several hours. We'll of course announce when the build is available.



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Beta 2 now released

A very small part of the Beta 2 update http://forums.fronti...ead.php?t=43776


- Playable area expanded (a capsule 100ly long and 30ly wide @500 systems)

- Can scan celestial bodies

- Can sell explorer data

- Can buy body data

- Asp added

- Reputation affects mission availability

- Pre-flight checks added

- Designer created content can be used in newsfeeds

- When an AI hyperspaces it informs the hyperdrive component where it's going, which stores this information in the wake object in the hyperspace cloud. If the player scans the cloud and then hyperspaces, the wake information is recorded

- AI ships now able to fly in super cruise

- Scanner works in supercruise

- Ocellus starport type added

- In system map added

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Beta 2.04 now out :)

Thanks to your continued feedback, and all the tickets you've logged, the team have managed to schedule another update for later today.


Full details on 2.04 will be added as soon as they are available. Keep one eye on this thread.


Thanks again from all the team at Frontier Developments.


Change log for update 2.04:


- Fix softlocks when exiting supercruise near to some stations

- Fix crash in preflight checklist

- Prevent server crash when an overlay is being unloaded while it's still in the load queue

- Removed old way of enabling/disabling stars

- Fix missing galaxy map background

- Fix assert in galaxy map

- Prevent missions selecting stations that you cannot complete the mission at

- Only send the next mission progression if the mission is not completed and shutting down

- Fix unable to sell all exploration data

- Do not assign factions to bounties that don’t exist

- GUI and smoke effects have now been made more subtle and glows have been reduced a little on the schematics

- Added 'Disable GUI Effects' option to the GUI shader so no cloudyness, parallax or colour tinting is applied when this option is set

- Added damage stats to all weapons for outfitting GUI

- Fixed malformed resource for repair module

- Increase server send buffer from 32k to 500k

- Allow network configuration file to specify a range of ports for the game to choose from

- Allow the send buffer size on the socket to be adjusted

- Replace a new diagnostic assert in the network code with writing a line into the log file

- Guard against replay attacks for mission accept and mission update

- Fixes for tutorial typos

- Fix for the news feed not showing GalNet on the manually entered new bulletins

- Fix for regenerating already existing ring texture

- Update text for good and bad trade good entries on the news feed

- Added in new news entry for a system bulletin

- Give star models on the system map a wider range of sizes

- Increase the timeout between talkchannel and friends list requests

- Remove misleading reports from server logs

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Beta 3 out for download.:thumbup:

Asus Maximus VII Gene/i5 4690K @4.6Ghz/EVGA GTX 1080 Classified watercooled/16Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133Mhz/2 x Corsair 128Gb ssd in Raid 0/1 x OCZ Revodrive 3 x2 480Gb/1 x Seagate Barracuda 2 Tb hd and 1 x WD Caviar 600 Gb hd/EVGA Gold 750w psu/Corsair H80i cpu cooler/Windows 10 Pro 64-bit/Corsair 500R case/Corsair K95 keyboard/Logitech MX Master wireless mouse/Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog #41581/VKB T-Rudder MK2 pedals/TrackIR 5/Samsung 49" 4K 3D Screen/Samsung sound bar and sub.

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