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mapping X-52 Pro joystick/throttle buttons in DCS F-15C


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if you're asking if there's a default profile, the answer is no. i have an x52 pro, made my profile about a year ago and i still tinker with it. not gunna lie, it is a bit of a process...

profiles are transferable but you'll honestly learn a lot about the aircraft by making your own and it'll be just how you want it to be.

my approach was to set most of the buttons on the controller to different keyboard key strokes, leaving most of the default commands in game. in the profile editor software (go views > grid view) i deleted the pinkie shift states, and left 3 modes, 1. take off and landing, 2. flight (with autopilot controls, HUD modes and various other less used commands), 3. combat.


not saying mine is the best approach, it may well not be, but i figured it makes use of the joysticks modes and when i'm in combat all the controls i need are right where they need to be so there's less extra for me to think about - just what the stick is good for

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