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Possible loadouts / possible weapon combinations - ME bug? ME unintuitive?


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Iirc the Sabre can only load either bombs OR rockets. I understand that the ME has no means to support the configuration of only "valid" loadouts (i.e. plausibility checks are only performed per pylon, not across several pylons).


So I experimented with several combinations of drop tanks, rockets and bombs. But when the mission started or when I de-selected the aircraft and came back to the loadout screen eventually, my configured loadout was modified. That is okay under the presumption stated above. But it would be nice if we could get a least a warning if we configured an impossible loadout.


At least I hope that the manual will clarify this. For example I selected drop tanks on the outer pylons and rockets on all other pylons. Nope. Not possible, as it seems - the pylons next to the drop tanks have to be empty.

Or what about this: drop tanks on 4 and 7 and HVAR on all other - nope, the ME remembered the rockets only for 1 and 10.


Which is really strange as I think about it. Maybe we have a real bug here?

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