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Ergonomics Simpit please help


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my english is not so good sorry ....

I use the google translated to write here.

and hope that not too much gibberish what I wrote here (:


My question would be whether you have dimensions in centimeter for ergonomics (human engineering) for the HOTAS height, distance from the joystick and throttle, riding position


And the width of Cokpit for example from A10-C


I want to build no original

I have no skills for such large projects.


I have seen many photos of simpits but no dimensioning


I have in mind a mix "real" and Space SimPit prior to flying


end of the year is finally hope "elite dangerous" and comes out much later Star Citztens ......


My computer workstation (desk height) is just not optimal to tinker a SimPit to around it.



best regards


System: Intel Xeon X5660 |24GB RAM | GTX1070 | 35" 21:9 Monitor



Flight Gear: Thustmaster Warthog / MDF's |Saitek Combat Pedales

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