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Access Violations with F86


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I bought the F-86F and updated my DCS to the latest version.


I was able to do the instant action missions ok. But when I created a new map and put some F-86F in there and launch it - it crashes. I get Access violation:

# -------------- 20140726-032402 --------------

# C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at E395EE67 00:00000000
00000000 00000000 0000:00000000 
E395EE67 0030EDA0 0000:00000000 
E396B303 0030EDE0 0000:00000000 
E3E01E91 0030EE10 0000:00000000  ?set_arguments@ccMainPanel@cockpit@@AEAAXXZ()+31
E3E00D00 0030EE40 0000:00000000  ?l_update_arguments@ccMainPanel@cockpit@@CAHPEAUlua_State@@@Z()+50
F9546AA4 0030EE80 0000:00000000  luaD_growstack()+3C4
F955444D 0030F040 0000:00000000  luaS_newlstr()+40ED
F9546568 0030F070 0000:00000000  lua_setlocal()+C58
F9546BCF 0030F1F0 0000:00000000  luaD_growstack()+4EF
F954674E 0030F230 0000:00000000  luaD_growstack()+6E
F9541C90 0030F280 0000:00000000  lua_pcall()+60
E67D1E8C 0030F2D0 0000:00000000  ?call_func@Config@Lua@@AEAA_NPEBDPEAV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@ed@@@std@@HH@Z()+DC
3FA45FE0 0030F340 0000:00000000 
3FA46139 0030F370 0000:00000000 
F52E7A17 0030F410 0000:00000000 
F52E7E55 0030F460 0000:00000000 
3FA3826A 0030F570 0000:00000000 
3FA42E65 0030F620 0000:00000000 
3FA438DB 0030F6F0 0000:00000000 
E67DF5BD 0030F730 0000:00000000  ?stream@Reader@Mail@@MEAAXPEAXH@Z()+148D
3FA197C3 0030F790 0000:00000000 
3FA1E88F 0030F7F0 0000:00000000 
3FA35914 0030F820 0000:00000000 
3FA35B3B 0030F850 0000:00000000 
3FAD940B 0030F8C0 0000:00000000 
3FAD9C66 0030FEE0 0000:00000000 
3FADCCE0 0030FF20 0000:00000000 
76F1F56D 0030FF50 0001:0001E56D C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk()+D
77153281 0030FFA0 0001:00032281 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll RtlUserThreadStart()+21


I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. Got 12 megs of RAM on it.


I was able to join a network server for a bit without issue and fly the F-86F. But would like to be able to create missions to get used to the bird.


Can anyone help figure out why it crashes with the F-86F module?

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