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Problem with TrackIR 60% off coupon


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I tried to buy the DCS F-86F module, I used the coupon and it was valid. I was transferred over to sagepay as usual and I accidently had explorer closed. No problem I thought, however once I tried to re enter the coupon into DCS's store, the coupon is no longer valid. Is there anyway to fix this?

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You might have to open a Support Ticket, I don't think this can be worked on through the forums.

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I had a problem very similar. It won't let me enter the coupon code, again. I've also opened a support ticket. I hope they can help. :/


EDIT: I seem to have found a fix!!!!! All I had to do was go onto their website (not the forums) and click on the Personal section > My orders and you get the option to 'PAY' at the bottom.

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