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can't install F86 into Open Beta


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Hi guys,


I updated both DCS World and DCS World Open beta to 1.2.9.


I can install the F86 beta module fine in DCS World. However if I also try to install it in DCS World Open Beta, I can't get it to work. The installer says that it can't copy F-86 1.2.9 module into World 1.2.8 (but I have updated both World and World Open beta to 1.2.9).


Anybody else have that problem?



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Verify the version numbers on the bottom right of the main menu.

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Both DCS world and DCS open beta show version number 1.2.9.something.


I just had the same problem so if it still isn't fixed try this:


1. Open DCSW open beta in Multiplayer

2. Log in with your usual DCS World (standard) login.

3. Open Module Manager - you will see a list of the modules you already own.

4. Un-tick any you don't want installled.

5. Click on the Install button at the bottom.




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