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Not sure need help

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Hi guys.. Got sick and tired of my desk and am looking at throwing some cash out the window for a Obutto R3Volution

I own a Warthog HOTAS but upon looking at the height that the stick sits between ya legs and with an accompanying 10cm extension i get the feeling that it WILL be to high.


Then i saw this http://www.pagnianimports.com.au/racing-simulator-cockpit/flight-simulator-cockpit-gaming-chair.html


Which looks ok but again unfortunately LACK of closeup pics where/how the stick sits and how high it is between the legs :(


Price is GOOD for the later and NO shipping cost being an Aussie.


At the end of the day i DON'T want to lash out a heap of cash for something that i might have to take too with a hacksaw to have the Stick sitting properly.


Appreciate the feedback guys.



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It doesn't sit between your legs. The joystick is on your right side, similar to an F-16.

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