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Help setting up 3 screens

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Just wondering whether anyone has experience using NVidia Surround funtion for muliple monitors.


I have just upgraded to ASUS Geforce GTX 760 2GBOC-2DDR5 Graphic Card, and set up my three monitors.my left monitor is no. 2, my middle monitor is 1 and my Right monitor is 3. When I using the surround span function in the Nvidia control panel, o span the one screen images over three. I would have the modules icon on my left screen, picture of the aircraft in my middle screen and The menu selection on my right screen.


The middle screen in my primary screen, but only want to use the 3 screen when actually flying a mission, but return to the middle screen when not flying a mission. I can get it to work ok with that way when not using the surround span. However I find that when I go to escape from mission and quite the game seems to freeze up or something thus forcing me to use Ctrl Alt Del.


Can someone advise me on how to overcome this issue please.. Is it possible to use surround span and achieve the desored outcome. Any advise would be much appreciated.

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Ive run this game off and on with nvidia surround myself at 5920x1080. Runs great with 2 770 4gb cards. One thing i would highly recommend is get a card with atleast 4gb vid memory. As with this game at that resolution your always use 2.2 gb of vid memory or more. So in your case you more than likely will run into stuttering and lower fps.


As far as the one screen thing this is what i use for the briefing screen and such.



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