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Mouse button 4 (browser backward) as mouse look


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I'm using this util for a while now and maybe others like it too.


Run this .EXE alongside DCS and you can look around the pit by holding down mouse button 4 a.k.a. browser backward. Once you release mouse button 4, the mouse works as normal. The only thing you'll have to do ingame is to bind


to Clickable mouse cockpit mode On/Off. I've picked this key bind assuming nobody uses this combo for anything else. While in 'mouse look mode' you can obviously use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. I've tried to do it like BMS does it by using the right mouse button instead of mouse button 4 but it keeps conflicting with the fact that the right mouse button is also used to toggle switches.


And if you don't like opening multiple .EXEs manually each time, just make a batch file.


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