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fans of the f-105 thunderchief "Thud"


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having traveled into Arkansas USA for family affairs, after all that dust was settled, I had time to travel the area and found a jemstone of a place, little museum airfield called "Aviation Cadet World" based in Eureka Springs, AR USA , sadly the day I arrived it was closed on sundays, but apparently when they are open, they give full cockpit guided tours of these mighty warbirds. = u get to sit inside them.


I was totally awe struck at the size of the F-105 thunderchief , i am 6 foot 5 and the size made me look like a midget this jet, incredible engineering if u ask me for there time. not far behind the scale size was the F-100 super sabre also at this little air museum.


anyone that lives near this location I highly recommend you going, I am sure to make another trip here again soon, and on a day that's open for the full tour.


web site to little museum



yours truly standing foreground of F-105.


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The F-105 is in my opinion one of the more esthetically inclined aircraft of its time, never mind the nickname "Thud" which isn't short for its monicker...unfortunately. :cry:


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Hey ED or 3rd party devs! We would love to have F-105! :)


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+ High fidelity F/A-18C simpit :)

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